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Alma for Business offers multiple integration options to make it easy for your staffto tell us when to send a gift.


A brand appropriate bouquet is sent to your customer with simple and tasteful calls to action to refer friends and family.


A custom landing page is used for customer to enter lead information which is sent directly to your team.

Personalized Gifting, at Scale

In a digital world, a tangible gift can have a massive impact.
We're here to make it happen. Alma for Business only delivers the most memorable corporate gifting experiences. We eliminate your gifting challenges with operational excellence and trackable performance metrics, every time.


Up your marketing game

78% of marketers believe referral programs generate excellent leads.
With Alma Flowers, we don’t ask for a referral, we send a tasteful, classy thank you gift, which not only puts your business in front of customer in a very positive, exciting way again, but we customize messaging to drive the results you are looking for.

Build a Community

Most employees consider culture their #1 concern when job hunting.
With Alma Flowers, we make it easy to incentivize employees and remind them you care. Through our corporate partnerships we not only offer discounts to you for gifting to employees and clients but we extend that discount to your employees to use personally as a benefit to working for you.



Are there discounts available for business customers?
There sure are! We love helping out our loyal customers. These discounts are available based on your accounts order volume and frequency. If you register for our business program you receive a minimum of 10% off every order and other special pricing throughout the year.
How do I place orders as a business customer?
Great question! There are many ways we work with our business customers to make ordering easy and seamless for them. Our two most popular options are your personalized discount codes for our website or a CSV file we provide for high volume orders.
How do I know when my Gifts are delivered to my recipients?
Just like every other order you place with us, you always receive shipping and delivery confirmation, as well as a real time tracking link of your deliveries!
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